At Aplex we deal with thermoplastics processing. We work with moulds provided by our customers or tools we construct.

Our mission is to supply customers with a comprehensive service. We provide services ranging from designing the part, through manufacturing the mould, up until the launch of batch production. We take care of a long-lasting relationship with the client.
Co-operation with customers of various sectors, enabled us to gather diverse experiences creating our know-how.

Our portfolio comprises household appliances, toys, automotive parts, technical moulded parts.

The company was established in 1992 and has continuously been growing and developing since then. The number of machines is consistently growing and presently amounts to 18 injection moulding machines, of varying tonnage, allowing us to produce parts weighing from 1g to 7kg.

Thanks to the efficient EU funds obtainment we can quickly implement innovative technologies and are able to offer new services while constantly increasing the quality of our operations.
The central part of the manufacturing plant is located in a modern hall where it is possible to accurately control the conditions ensuring the stability of the manufacturing process. Our machines are very modern – 80% of them were made after 2008. We use the in-mould labelling installation, 2K injection technology and gas injection.

Thanks to the central feeding system and dryers, we can control the stability of the material parameters used in the process.
There are 3500 m2 of storehouse surface to safely store the finished orders.
While designing, we co-operate with To Do Design – a Red-Dot-awarded design studio. Their suggestions make it possible to develop well thought out solutions in the parts we manufacture.

We care for quality by monitoring manufacturing processes and materials but also for accurate documentation flow, which is confirmed by the ISO 9001:2009 certificate.

We make a competent team. We know our tasks well and we perform them swiftly. We constantly increase our competencies by paying attention to the flow of communication within the company and by participating in trainings organised externally.

In our production, we use mainly polypropylene, polyamide and polystyrene. We are also able to apply other plastics or komplement plastics properties with additives – glass fibre, carbon fibre etc.

To protect the environment, we offer to execute orders involving ecological regranulates or regrinds. We co-operate with research teams– we are working on a project testing the possibility of injecting plastics with wood additives.

We are currently implementing the SAP system, which will enable us to manage resources even more effectively, facilitate Communications and eventually speed up order execution.